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Dr Cindy Woods
Dr. Cindy Woods

Director of Brand Development at The Daily Wellness Company

Dr, Laurie Steelsmith
Dr. Laurie Steelsmith

Medical Director of Steelsmith Natural Health Center

Dr. Melina Jampolis
Dr. Melina Jampolis

Internist and Board Certified Physician Nutrition Specialist

Dr. Suzanne Gilberg-Lenz
Dr. Suzanne Gilberg-Lenz

Obstetrician and Board Certified in Integrative and Holistic Medicine


Balance Estrogen and

Estrogen and Progesterone need each other for you to feel good. When progesterone declines, estrogen can go unchecked and you feel the negative effects. Asensia helps your body make more of its own progesterone putting estrogen in check and allowing your body to function like it did when you were younger.

Improve Your Mood
and Memory

Decreasing progesterone allows estrogen to rise allowing irritability and loss of memory. As your body begins to produce more of its own progesterone, estrogen and progesterone come back in line a necessary balance for you to feel good. Your mood should improve and stay more stable over time.

Manage Stress and
Sleep Better

Commonly referred to as “the calming hormone” when progesterone levels are balanced with estrogen you fall asleep easily, and more important don’t wake up in the middle of the night. With more quality sleep and increased progesterone research shows you’re able to handle stress more easily too.

Stabilize Your

As progesterone declines and estrogen rises, estrogen dominance occurs. Too little progesterone can block your thyroid from functioning properly and you’ll gain weight. Balanced progesterone help your thyroid work normally, balances insulin and helps reduce fluid retention.

When I started taking Asensia®, it felt like I got a boost with more energy – sleeping better and feeling better. I felt like I went from being a dull version of myself to getting back to how I used to feel – my real self.”** Brandee
“Since I started taking Asensia®, I have a feeling of more sustained energy throughout the day with less mood fluctuations. Now, I feel more in control, connected. I feel I can tackle my days with more energy.”**Sharla H