Asensia Reviews

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These are real reviews from women who took Asensia for at least 30 days. If you’re experiencing symptoms like mood swings, poor sleep, anxiety or just feel less like yourself, you probably have low progesterone and as a result, estrogen dominance. Asensia can help!

“Within a couple days of starting the supplement, I felt perkier than I had in ages, and regained the energy and vibrancy I had in my 20’s.” [★★★★★]

When my doctor recommended Asensia, I was skeptical. An herbal supplement that could make me feel that much better? At my wits’ end with perimenopause symptoms and unable to take anything hormonal due to being a breast cancer survivor, I figured if it was safe, I had nothing to lose. I had been having memory fog, inability to focus or remember, extreme fatigue and mood swings for a couple years, plus vastly diminished quality of sleep. Once we finally figured out what the problem was, I was ready to try anything. But- I highly doubted it would work. Wow, was I wrong about that! Within a couple days of starting the supplement, I felt perkier than I had in ages, and regained the energy and vibrancy I had had in my 20’s. I felt radically happier, more alert, stopped falling asleep on the couch every time I sat down, stopped snapping at people, and suddenly was extremely productive both at home and at work, with a major ability to focus on all details I thought I had lost forever. And found myself happily sleeping through the night. After a week, I had so much energy to burn, and was so much more cheerful than I’d been since I could remember, I literally felt like a different person. Within a month of starting, neighbors, friends and colleagues started asking me if I had lost weight, and telling me I looked fantastic. My clothes fit better and I lost all my hormonal bloat… another happy side effect! I literally cannot believe the difference this product makes. It is so well worth the money to feel this good again. Now that I know it’s out there, I never want to be without it, and have been telling all my friends about it, too. Try it, you won’t regret it. And if you feel even half as suddenly good as I do now… it will be well worth it! Thank you Dr Cindy and Asensia for this gift in my life! – RC

“I feel more clear headed and am able to focus more at my job.” [★★★★★]

A friend of mine recommended Asensia after I told her about some concerns I’ve been having with aging and approaching a much dreaded change of life. I decided to try it as I have been feeling lethargic, bloating, weight gain and my skin was doing things I’ve never seen! I took 2 pills a day for 45 days and I noticed an immediate shift in my energy level after the first day, not jittery like caffeine, but genuine energy, alert with no drop during the day. With all the energy I was feeling, I was motivated to work out more which resulted in some weight loss. I feel more clear headed and am able to focus more at my job. My skin started clearing up and had more of a shine to it, one that seemed to have dulled over time and was getting back. I was just with some family for the holidays and they asked me what I was doing differently, that my skin looked great! They thought I had make up on although I was wearing none! My skin tone is more even now and soft. I plan on sticking with Asensia and have already recommended it to my older sister! – Sarah B

“Both, hot flashes and mood swings stopped” [★★★★★]

This product is amazing!! Both, hot flashes and mood swings stopped and, I was full of energy. If you’re looking for a natural remedy, I suggest giving it a try. – Shannon D

“I am so much more productive and efficient” [★★★★★]

It’s made me happy, which makes my family happy! I’m not so snappy and the fact that I am so much more productive and efficient makes a huge difference. I feel like I have more of a glow and more energy and I feel like I’ve slept better. My eyes are brighter and I feel like my skin looks better. It’s just a better start to the day, I’m just much more happy, positive and productive! – Linda R

“I have my life back!” [★★★★★]

I have my life back! Chronic mood swings and sweats have gone away. Asensia® has changed my whole life! – Lynn D

“I’ve only been using for a couple of days, but I am sleeping much better.” [★★★★☆]

I’ve only been using for a couple of days, but I am sleeping much better. I also feel a bit calmer over all. Not sure about the other benefits yet, too soon to tell. I would recommend to anyone suffering from menopausal symptoms. – SM

“I can’t imagine life without this product.” [★★★★★]

I read the information on their website and have been looking for a natural product to help me feel better and naturally adjust how I am feeling and improve the way I feel and look. I’ve now taken this product for a few months and see a major improvement in how i feel, my moods, my skin is glowing, my hair is not thinning. Lastly, it’s totally made the ‘monthly’ highs and lows even out. I can’t imagine life without this product. Plus, as a supplement, I never get a sick stomach after taking them. So, i look and feel better, lost 10 pounds without trying and my hair, skin and nails are all glowing, and strong. – CL

“It has truly helped me with pms and made me feel myself again.” [★★★★★]

I was on this months ago and I felt like it really helped my pms, but stopped buying for some months and BIG MISTAKE!! It truly works! Take it 3x a day like it says! It has truly helped me with pms and made me feel myself again. – Shannon P

“Sleeping better and feeling better” [★★★★★]

When I started taking Asensia®, it felt like I got a boost with more energy – sleeping better and feeling better. I felt like I went from being a dull version of myself to getting back to how I used to feel – my real self. – Brandee

“My mood, focus, weight management, aches, motivation have all improved” [★★★★★]

Although I’ve only used it a few months, I have to say it works really well for me. Last November was my worst month, when I found this product and decided to try it. My mood , focus, weight management, aches, motivation have all improved with taking it as directed. But of course, eating healthfully and daily exercise is very important to feeling better, too. – MO

“I was truly amazed at how well this worked for my hot flashes….it literally stopped them!” [★★★★★]

I may sound like a commercial, but I was truly amazed at how well this worked for my hot flashes….it literally stopped them! I am so accustomed to purchasing something like this and being disappointed. But this really helped and think others should know this!! – Tina D

“I would highly recommend this to every woman who is pre-menopausal.” [★★★★★]

I was having trouble sleeping at night, tossing and turning, mini hot flashes, and very bad mood swings. after using this for one month, i am now sleeping through the night, no more hot flashes, my moods have evened out, my acne is more under control, my hair stopped falling out (though it hasnt grown back, but there has been a dramatic decrease in the amount that falls out), and my pms symptoms have almost disappeared. I would highly recommend this to every woman who is pre-menopausal (as I am). – Jules C

“After taking Asensia the hot flashes disappeared.” [★★★★★]

Excellent product. I went through the change about ten years ago, but recently started getting hot flashes. After taking Asensia the hot flashes disappeared. I wanted to order again , but it no longer was available on Amazon. I highly recommend it. – Diane D

“I feel more in control, connected.” [★★★★★]

Since I started taking Asensia®, I have a feeling of more sustained energy throughout the day with less mood fluctuations. Now, I feel more in control, connected. I feel I can tackle my days with more energy. – Sharla

“Wonderful product; very calming.” [★★★★★]

Wonderful product; very calming. My daughter also uses it and states that it has markedly decreased her underarm sweating. Contains B6 and B12 for the nervous system along with Vit E., magnesium, folate, iron, selenium, L-arginine, chasteberry and green tea extract. Please use the dosage as stated which is 3 capsules spaced out during the day: the lowest dosage can be AM and PM but you will get better results with three times per day. Set your phone alarm for the lunchtime dose! – Velasca

“FABULOUS PRODUCT!!!!” [★★★★★]

Regulates my hormones and my digestive system…
Helps me to sleep better as well….. – Carol

“The new hair that grew out of her head looked a lot stronger and smoother” [★★★★★]

Bought this for my wife because she had her period for over a month. As soon as she took it, the menstrual cycle return to normal within a few day. I notice some change in energy. She have more energy then before. Her hair start to stop fallen out. She took it for about 4 month now and the new hair that growing out of her head look a lot stronger and smoother too. One thing I have to warn people is they make your body hair grow. Which mean you will see tiny clear white hair growing on your arm. Give it to a friend with the same problem and she love it. She suffer from extreme hair lost result from low hormones. With this product, it help her keep what little hair she got from falling off. It does not help you regrow your hair on your head. Just help keep it from falling off. – Minh B