Frequently Asked Questions

Asensia® is a natural supplement that helps a woman’s body make more of its own hormones to achieve a Youthful Hormone Balance®.

Asensia® does NOT contain hormones. As a result, Asensia® does not elevate hormone levels to an artificially high level, but instead raises them to what’s normal for a younger woman. The Asensia® formula has been shown at a Stanford University School of Medicine study, to improve progesterone levels in women in child bearing age. Many women self report improvement within 1 week, almost all within 1 month of taking Asensia® daily. The Asensia® formula significantly improves the negative symptoms of hormone decline and imbalance that naturally occurs as a woman ages and that can be accelerated by exposure to endocrine (hormone) disruptors. It achieves this primarily by naturally balancing progesterone levels.

Hormone decline and imbalance is a health and wellness issue EVERY woman will begin to experience sometime in her 30s. All women older than 35 will likely spend more years in hormonal decline than not, making early intervention and sustaining balance critical for looking and feeling vibrant and youthful from her mid-30s onward. The problems of weight gain, poor skin/ hair/nails, moodiness, mental fogginess, poor sleep, worsening PMS, or hot flashes (if at that age), all get worse with age and are accelerated by exposure to endocrine disruptors found in every day products. Hormone treated meat, parabens in cosmetics and shampoos, non-stick pans, and plastic bottles all disrupt natural hormone balance. Asensia® addresses the core problem, allowing the symptoms to resolve themselves or possibly lessen in severity.
A woman’s hormone balance is delicate, cyclic, and a powerful influence on her sense of well-being. The main hormones that must be in balance for a sense of well-being are progesterone, estrogen, and testosterone. In particular, progesterone and estrogen counteract each other and in an ideal menstrual cycle they work in harmony. Scientific evidence suggests that the influence of stress, external estrogen-like agents in our diet and environment (endocrine-disrupters), and aging can dramatically disrupt this delicate balance.
Progesterone is the key youth hormone for women. Similar to the youthful effect testosterone has in men; progesterone in women is responsible for nearly all the mental and physical traits associated with youth and vitality in a younger woman. Progesterone impacts nearly all cells of a woman’s body and has multiple effects and functions. Some of the most important include serotonin production, memory, bone strength, and conversion of stored fat to energy.

The most important effects of properly balanced progesterone in women include reduction of mood swings, improvement of brain functioning, (especially memory and thought development processes), helps to maintain vascular and cardiovascular health, lower risk of endometrial cancer, increased strength and resilience of bones to help reduce risk of osteoporosis, reduces risk of gallbladder disease and promoting a healthy digestive tract, contributes to a healthy immune system and helps convert stored fat into energy.

Asensia® is not a drug or a hormone. It is a daily nutritional supplement. While it is not intended for the treatment of any disease, it may be used as a natural approach to hormonal balance rather than adding hormones to the body or using drugs to treat symptoms.
Asensia® is a natural alternative to therapies that may have potential undesired side-effects. Taking external hormones come with the risk of under dosing or overdosing unless you make the effort to have your hormone levels measured frequently by your health care provider.
Asensia® does not artificially raise your progesterone levels to abnormally high levels, but encourages your body to produce healthy normal levels of its own progesterone. Healthy normal levels of progesterone or even very high levels normally seen in a pregnant woman have not typically been associated with cancer.
While your body may no longer be producing as much progesterone on its own, Asensia® may help encourage it to do so. In fact, for women who are no longer cycling, they may feel or see results quickly.
Most young women today juggle a combination of work, busy social lives, and even children, while others are struggling to get through college. While women of all ages fail to recognize the symptoms they experience with the beginning of hormone decline, it’s often more true of younger women who view hormone imbalance as an older women’s problem. But more and more young women have lifestyles or health concerns that make them prone to premature hormone imbalance that lead to worsening PMS, irregular periods, cyclical and other occasional issues that may be associated with a decline in hormones.

Some of the most common signs of hormone imbalance in younger women are:

Use of birth control and contraceptive pills – Taking birth control pills suppresses your body’s ability to produce progesterone. Without enough progesterone, estrogen is left unchecked and many women become estrogen dominant.

Inconsistent lifestyle and chronic stress – Since some progesterone is produced in your adrenal gland, chronic stress depletes the adrenal gland and renders it unable to adequately produce proper progesterone.

Endocrine disruptors – If you have a poor diet that includes processed foods, hormone treated livestock or poultry, use cosmetics with parabens or non BPA plastics for food or drinking, you’re coming into contact with endocrine disruptors that mimic estrogen. Too much estrogen may lead to estrogen dominance.

Obesity – While not a cause of hormone imbalance in young women, it is considered a risk factor since fat cells can often produce estrogen.

Asensia® can help balance your ratio of estrogen to progesterone elevating symptoms of hormone imbalance in younger women.

Asensia® is a specially balanced formulation with all the ingredients specifically designed to support normal hormone levels by focusing on maintaining proper progesterone to estrogen balance.
Many women self report improvement within 1 week, almost all within 1 month of taking Asensia® daily. For many, within as little as 1-2 weeks, you may notice improved mood, more energy, better sleep, more comfortable and regular menstrual cycles, less bloating, less weight gain around the hip and waist areas, and healthier skin and hair. Maximum benefits are realized with 3-6 months of continuous use.
While it’s true that not all women experience hormone decline the same, the source of the problem, hormone imbalance and low progesterone levels, or estrogen dominance is the same for all women. By addressing the underlying problem, whatever symptoms you do have will resolve naturally rather than alternative methods that temporarily mask the symptoms, often unsuccessfully.
As a dietary supplement, take 3 capsules per day. It’s best to take the capsules throughout the day, one with each meal. We do not recommend taking more than one capsule at any one time. While taking more than one capsule at a time will not harm you, you may feel a “surge” as your body produces more progesterone.
For most women, Asensia® does not need to be cycled. You can take it daily, year-round. A small percentage of women develop a tolerance to Asensia® after using it for several months, meaning it is not effective as when they first started using it. As a result, they may experience breast tenderness. If this occurs, stop taking Asensia® for 1 month and continue taking again daily after this 1 month break.
Within a week of taking Asensia®, you may notice your mood improving before the other physical health benefits become noticeable in about 3-4 weeks. While it varies from woman to woman, it is possible that you may have a response you’re unfamiliar with because as your body begins normalizing progesterone, your cycle may shift slightly into a new pattern. This is typical. Your body will adjust and you should have no ongoing shifts or changes while taking Asensia®.

Some things you might experience based on women using Asensia®:
“Resetting” of your cycle where you start or stop your cycle on a day not typical for you.
Lighter, heavier or bleeding again after you’ve stopped as part of the normal path of hormone decline.

Missing a day or two will not seriously affect results. Just start taking it again as soon as you remember. Overall effects will not be optimal if you take Asensia® sporadically.
After being on the market for over 12 years with over a million customers worldwide, the formula for Asensia® has never been known to cause any significant adverse side effects.
Taking any more than the recommended dose of 3 capsules per day will not produce any additional benefits and is not recommended. Asensia® is formulated to bring progesterone to normal levels. There is no benefit in trying to produce excess progesterone and taking larger amounts than recommended can result in an upset stomach and potentially other medical problems. Please consult with your doctor immediately if you experience adverse symptoms after taking too much of any product. If you miss a dosage, do not try and catch up. Instead, just resume dosage directions on the bottle.
We do not recommend taking Asensia®, or any supplement other than prenatal vitamins while pregnant or breastfeeding, unless prescribed by your doctor.
Yes. Asensia® is not a hormone so it does not artificially increase progesterone levels. It only brings them to a normal, balanced level. For the same reason, if you take birth control pills there’s also no need to stop taking Asensia® when you cycle off your pills or are taking the sugar pill.
If pregnant or breast feeding, you should only take supplements recommended by your physician. As a general rule, anyone with pre-existing medical conditions or on prescription medications should consult with their doctor or pharmacist before starting a new diet or supplement.
Asensia® contains a proprietary formula of L-Arginine, chasteberry (Vitex agnus-castus), green tea (Camellia sinensis), vitamins E, B6, B12, folate, iron, magnesium, zinc, selenium. We source our raw ingredients from only the best producers. Sometimes that means it costs more, but it enables us to ensure the consistency and efficacy of each ingredient alone and synergistically.

Here’s what each key ingredient does:

An amino acid that helps increase nitric oxide. Nitric oxide helps increase circulation and has been shown to improve ovarian response. It can also increase sexual response and libido.

Chasteberry (Vitex agnus-castus)
Acts on the hypothalamus and the pituitary. It is believed to stimulate the release of luteinizing hormone (LH), and mildly inhibit follicle stimulating hormone (FSH). The result is a shift in the ratio, favoring progesterone to estrogen helping the body produce more of its own progesterone.

Green tea
A powerful antioxidant. It helps to promote proper inflammatory response in the body which in turn may translate in better stress management. The combination of the antioxidants green tea, vitamin E and selenium improves the function of any one antioxidant alone.

The ingredients in Asensia® have a long history of use in humans and are not known to interact in any adverse way with other foods or drugs (except possibly fertility drugs) at the recommended dose. However if you have concerns, you should consult with your medical professional before taking Asensia®. It is not recommended to take this product with Clomid (clomiphene citrate) or other fertility drugs or treatments (e.g. IVF) because it may enhance or interfere with these effects.
Asensia® works by helping the body achieve its own, natural Youthful Hormone Balance®. Unlike other products that only mask some of the symptoms or deal with a single symptom of hormone imbalance, Asensia® is a natural, holistic approach to address the underlying problem of most symptoms. Furthermore, Asensia®’s formula has been used safely for more than 12 years with over a million bottles sold and studied in a double-blind placebo controlled clinical trial. Many other products use research on single ingredients to support their claims with many studies cited done on animals not humans.
Asensia® is formulated to allow the ingredients to work in concert, at optimum levels of each individual ingredient. The combination of these ingredients results in a synergistic effect that exceeds the benefits possible with any single one of these ingredients. The Daily Wellness Company also ensures the use of only the highest possible quality of standardized ingredients and proprietary sourcing to ensure safety and efficacy.
Yes. Asensia® for Women has been studied at Stanford University School of Medicine.
Milk and products thereof             No
Eggs and products thereof             No
Fish (specify species)                      No
Shellfish (specify species)              No
Tree Nuts (specify type)                 No
Peanuts and product thereof         No
Wheat and products thereof          No
Soybeans and products thereof     Yes      May contain soy derivatives
FD&C Colors                                     No
Porcine (derived from pig)             No
Bovine (derived from cow)             Yes      Gelatin Capsules
GMO                                                   No        GMO FREE