“I have my life back! 
Chronic mood swings and sweats have gone away. Asensia® has changed my whole life!"
-Lynn D. 
  • Reduce or eliminate your mood swings
  • Manage your stress more easily
  • Stop your rage and crying cycles
Perimenopause can start as early as your 30's and last anywhere from a few years to more than a decade. Many women endure years of increasing suffering, isolation and broken relationships while going undiagnosed. Why let that happen only to discover years of mood swings are entirely preventable?

  • 38-60% of women experience mood swings from hormonal shifts
  • 30% of those women experience those symptoms severely
  • In our studies 98% of women found relief with Asensia.
  • The AVERAGE increase of the essential hormone level was 153% for progesterone alone. That is a profound study result.
Asensia Daily & Asensia FAST Acting can effectively reduce mood swings long term and quickly give you control.

Asensia FAST Acting - Take right when you need it. 
  • Asensia FAST Acting is FAST. It immediately allows your body to utilize greater levels of present progesterone – and that has the quick effect of reducing (and even eliminating) acute mood swings
  • No prescription necessary. 
  • Asensia FAST Acting does not contain any hormones or synthetic hormones. It is ideally formulated with natural ingredients that supports your body and optimize response to your naturally occurring hormones.
Daily Asensia - Manage your mood - Every Day!
  • Asensia® is a natural supplement that helps your body make more of its own hormones 
  • Asensia® does NOT contain hormones. As a result, Asensia® helps balance them to what’s more normal for you individually. 
  • The Asensia® formula has been shown at a Stanford University School of Medicine study, to improve progesterone levels by an average 153%. (90-Day Clinical Study Results)
  • Many women self-report improvement within 1 week. Almost all women report improvement within 1 month of taking Asensia® daily. 
Start Asensia now. See the difference in how you feel in the next 30 days. 
It works.
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