Aging Is Unavoidable—But It Doesn’t Mean Falling Apart or Losing Your Mind!

Take Control of Your Aging SymptomsSure, we’d all like to have the youthful appearance, and especially the energy, we had in our 20’s… but the fountain of youth continues to escape us all. However, the natural aging process doesn’t mean you have to feel fatigued, dried out, weak and mentally dull. There’s a tendency to experience changes you don’t like and tell yourself “I’m getting old,” but when you do that, you are doing yourself an injustice.

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Natural Changes Come with Age

During your thirties, your hormones start to change. In your forties, your body starts producing less estrogen, and begins the gradual transition towards menopause, when you will no longer be able to conceive. It’s a gradual process, called perimenopause, lasting from a few years to a full decade.

Your hormones go through major changes in the years leading up to menopause. Production slows down, and sometimes drops too much, but more often, the problem is that there is an imbalance between the key hormones in your system. Dry skin, dull hair, fatigue, weight gain (and strange redistributions of body fat), inexplicable weight loss, insomnia, depression, low libido, brain fog—all these “aging” effects are actually symptoms of hormone imbalance.

How You Can Take Control of Your Aging Symptoms

Aging Is UnavoidableModern medicine is miraculous in what it can do to improve our quality of life, and extend lifespans, but not all concerns require medical intervention. Your lifestyle has a major impact on how you age. You already know that drinking and smoking will age you like nobody’s business, but there are other, less obvious influences too.

Getting enough sleep has become more difficult in recent years, because there is so much to do, and technology enables us to work and play 24 hours a day. Your body, however, requires sleep. You may think you are running fine on five or six hours a night and a few cups of coffee, but if you are experiencing aging symptoms, then your first response should be to slow down enough to schedule eight hours of sleep every night, preferably with a consistent bedtime.

Food is another common fail-point in a busy woman’s lifestyle. Fast food is everywhere, inexpensive and, of course, fast, but typically made of low quality ingredients with nasty additives to keep it fresh and “flavorful.” Even grocery stores offer thousands of quick-fix meal solutions, and it’s very tempting to grab one and go when you are already tired and hungry. The problem is that those foods are usually packed with salt and sugar in addition to preservatives and flavor enhancers. If you don’t like the way your body looks and feels, take a look at what you are putting into it, and look for fresh, natural foods to eat instead.

If you feel sick, or have chronic digestive issues, unexplained weight problems, etc. be sure to talk to your doctor. You may have an infection or illness that requires medical treatment. Aging changes your body, but it doesn’t make you feel bad, so if you do, something is wrong that needs to be fixed.

In addition to medical interventions, there are natural ways to support your health. Hormonal changes are an ongoing part of life, and all that change can easily result in an imbalance. Too much or too little of one hormone can throw off your whole system and cause many of the symptoms of aging, as we discussed above. The one clinically-proven supplement we recommend is Asensia®. It is composed of natural ingredients that help your body recover from premature aging by producing hormones in the right proportions to keep them balanced, and keep your body functioning at its best.